List of Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage is one of the several different kinds of Medicare plans that you can use to either add on to or replace Original Medicare. A list of Medicare Advantage plans can help you to find one that suits you. There are a number of these available, and many insurance companies have their own variations on standard Advantage plans. We can help you sort through those, and we provide a handy, helpful tool for sourcing prices on Advantage plans.

You can use our site and its search tool as often as you want to find out what the prices are for Medicare Advantage plans. You can get a list of plans every time you search with us, and this tells you what the insurance companies charge for the plans and which insurance companies are offering the kind of Advantage plan you are interested in.

What Are Medicare Advantage Plans?

Are you familiar with Advantage plans? These are health insurance plans that work with your Original Medicare plan. In fact, they require the Original Medicare plan in order to function like they should. You won’t be able to receive any benefits from the Advantage plan until you have Original Medicare active. You can enroll in both kinds of plans at the same time if you wish.

You will first be able to sign up for a Medicare Advantage plan at age 65. During the 7-month Open Enrollment period, you will get the best rates on Medicare Advantage and will have your choice of plans to pick from. If you wait until the Annual Enrollment period later on, you may have fewer choices, you may pay higher prices, and you may even be denied coverage by the insurance company because of preexisting medical conditions you have.

Advantage plans are not going to be compatible with every kind of Medicare plan or healthcare insurance plan. They work fine with Original Medicare, but they overlap with Medicare Supplements, which are also known as Medigap plans. You won’t be able to have both of these at the same time. The same applies to union health insurance plans as well as insurance plans from your employer. Medicare Part D plans can be purchased separately from Medicare Advantage and will be compatible with them or they can be included in some Advantage plans. If you are unsure about which insurance plans you can keep and which ones you can apply for in addition to a Medicare Advantage plan, then please contact us. We would be happy to answer any questions that you might have.

List of Medicare Advantage Plans

List of Medicare Advantage Plans




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A List of Plans and Their Benefits

The medical benefits that Medicare Advantage plans provide are very important to informing you as to whether you should enroll in one or not. Advantage plans can give you benefits that no other health insurance plans offers, and they are often so powerful and so comprehensive that most seniors do not need to enroll in any additional coverage plans to complete their coverage.

All Advantage plans have basic benefits that are guaranteed by Medicare. These are going to be a part of your Advantage plan no matter which insurer you choose to enroll with, where you live, when you enroll or how much you end up paying for your insurance policy.

Basic benefits include all of the following:

  • Medicare Part A (excluding hospice care)
  • Medicare Part B
  • Emergency services
  • Urgently needed medical care

All of these benefits work together to give you powerful, extensive coverage, and they will cover a lot of the costs associated with stays at the hospital, visits to the doctor’s office, preventative care, mental and physical therapy, ambulance services, ER care, lab testing, and more. If you are not sure if you are covered for a particular medical expenses, you can always contact us and ask us. We are happy to help you figure out what your coverage will be if you enroll in one Medicare Advantage plan or another.

This is just one kind of Medicare Advantage plan. You can find a list of plans on our site, and that includes the very common Medicare Part D Advantage plan. These come with all the benefits of the basic plan as well as a strong drug plan called Medicare Part D. Like we mentioned before, this is a health insurance plan that you can buy on its own, but it also comes bundled with Medicare Advantage plans at times. This is the most common kind of Advantage plan that you will see sold, and many insurance companies offer it as their standard Advantage policy.

List of Medicare Advantage Plans

Part D gives you some great drug coverage, and it drastically reduces the cost of generic and common medications, often down to just a dollar or so per refill on your end. The name brand drugs and those that are more expensive will also receive some coverage from Part D, but the coverage isn’t going to be as extensive as it is for the generic drugs. You can always ask your pharmacist for a generic version of any name brand drug you have been prescribed. There is often a cheaper version available that will be covered better by a Part D drug plan.

Another kind of Advantage policy you will find frequently is the Medicare Advantage plan with checkup coverage. This can go by all sorts of different names, but what it offers you is at least benefits that include the basic coverage and then checkup coverage. With checkups coverage, you get benefits to help with the cost of routine visits to the audiologist, optometrist, dentist, and general healthcare practitioner. You may be covered for medical expenses like examinations, x-rays, dental fillings, eye tests, and more. You can also be covered for some durable medical equipment, like hearing aids and prescription eyeglasses.

Some insurance companies will add benefits onto these or give you the option to sign up for plans with added coverage not typically found with the Advantage plans. Some of them may also offer discounts on nonessential medical services, including massage therapy, acupuncture, and chiropractic care.

A List of Network Options

Medicare Advantage plans are not going to be fully accepted in as many places as the basic Medicare plan or even Medicare Supplements. You cannot go to just any and every medical care facility in the country that accepts Medicare and expect to receive full coverage from your Advantage plan. That isn’t how these plans work. They only provide you with full benefits if you go to a healthcare provider who is on your insurance company’s network. That means that they have an agreement with your insurance company and will honor their Advantage plan in full.

So, what happens if you go outside of the network for your care? Are you responsible for all of your medical expenses and not helped at all by the insurance plan that you are paying for? Well, that is going to vary based on which network option you choose.

You see, in addition to offering different benefit plans, insurance companies can also offer different network options for their Medicare Advantage plans. When you search our site and see a list of Medicare Advantage plans, then you will often see names like HMO or PPO attached to the plans. Not everyone is familiar with these designations, so we will break them down for you.

HMOs- The cheapest option for most people, these are widely available and only cover you on the network. They provide zero coverage for off-network medical care. The only time you receive coverage outside of the network with an HMO is in the case of a medical emergency where you have no choice as to which healthcare facility you go to for treatment.

PPO- This kind of network option is a bit pricier, but it gives you more extensive coverage. PPOs will provide you with full coverage on the network and then partial coverage outside of the network.

HMO-POS- Many seniors like the flexibility that this kind of plan provides them. HMO-POS plans are able to give seniors full coverage while they are on the network and then provide a discount on medical services outside of the network. This is not a very common option, however.

Special Needs Plans- This is another kind of rare network option, but it is also the cheapest one available. You can qualify for these if you meet the enrollment qualifications for Medicare and Medicaid both. Be sure to talk to us to find out more and see if a Special Needs plan is suitable for you.

List of Medicare Advantage Plans




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Companies That Sell Medicare Advantage Plans

Insurance companies have a lot of freedom with Medicare Advantage plans, so picking the right one is crucial. Insurance companies can determine what rates they want to charge for their plans, which of the Advantage plans they want to sell, and what kind of member perks they want to add to the plans to make them more appealing and valuable for their customers.

We have put together a list of insurance companies that sell Medicare Advantage plans and that are considered some of the very best providers in the country. Since we don’t know which state you live in, we have only included insurance companies that operate in a number of states to give you an idea of what your options might be no matter where you live. If you use our site to search for quotes, you can see a more detailed and local list of providers and plans and prices for your area.


Aetna- This major insurer has a huge network of healthcare providers that it works with. They also have some of the best rates, but don’t take our word for it. Check for prices on Aetna plans and compare then to the other options here on our site. Aetna also has some great member programs and perks to offer, giving their Advantage plans extra value.


Humana- What makes Humana stick out among the many options for healthcare insurance providers is that they have really great customer care and a very intuitive, easy-to-use online toolset and service center. They also offer healthy living programs for their members, like Silver Sneakers, ensuring that their customers live well and stay healthy.


Cigna- Cigna is another insurer with a robust online service and low, competitive prices. They do a great job of adding value to their plans through discounted medical services, free member perks and a great customer service reputation.

bluecross blueshield

Blue Cross Blue Shield- We know many seniors choose Blue Cross due to their very low prices. They tend to have some of the lowest rates in the industry, so many seniors choose them for just that reason. They don’t offer a lot of bonus perks like some of their competition. They do have a superb reputation for taking good care of their customers, though, and you’ll likely be happy with Blue Cross if you enroll with them for a Medicare Advantage plan. Just know that they could go by any number of different names due to the various subsidiaries they use to sell their plans in each state.


AARP- Having been around for decades, AARP knows how to care for their customers and provide the kind of services that focus on senior living. They are more than just a standard insurance company, as they offer all sorts of services that go far beyond health insurance or just insurance of any kind. However, if you enroll in multiple insurance plans with AARP, you can enjoy a discounted price. Take that into consideration as you try to find the right provider and the right plan for your coverage needs.

These are just some insurers that may be available in your area and may be selling Midcore Advantage plans to you. There will likely be others that operate just within your local area or within your state. You will want to compare them on a variety of factors, such as their rates, plan availability, customer perks, customer service reputation, online access and more.

Compare Prices to Find the Best Deals

If you want to save money on medical insurance and get the best priced Medicare Advantage plan available, then please make use of our site and the plan finder we have available here. When you search on our site, we will give you a list of Medicare Advantage plans in moments. You can sort through this list to find one that suits you and to ensure that you are well covered and not paying too much for your coverage.

No matter what your financial situation or what kind of coverage needs you have, there is probably a Medicare Advantage plan that will work well for you. If not, then there are other kinds of Medicare plans available as well, such as Medigap and Medicare Part D, and we can help you sort through those to find the right one for your situation.

Our site is designed for your convenience. It is made to be easy to use and simple for you to just locate pricing information quickly. You don’t have to spend a long time sorting through quotes or looking for the information that you need. This is so much faster than going from one insurer to the next and requesting quotes.

Medicare Advantage plans will change in price from year to year. They will usually cost more one year than they did the year before. That’s inflation at work, and you can stay on top of price changes by using our site. If you enroll in a Medicare Advantage and want to find something cheaper for next year or just see if there is a better deal available, then you can use our site to search. It won’t cost you anything to use the site to source quotes, and you will get a list of plans back that can help you make your choice and ensure that your selection is an informed one.

We make sure all pricing information on our site is up to date. We want you to feel confident that you can use the quotes you find on this site and that you are getting the best deal when you find a price here. We do not sell any Medicare Advantage plans, so we can easily give you quotes from all the major insurance companies in your area and ensure that our prices are completely accurate.

If you want a comprehensive list of Medicare Advantage plans and want to make the smartest, most informed decision on health insurance, then you have come to the right place. We can also answer your question about health insurance end help you find the plan that will work best for you. We know that every senior has specific needs and everyone has different financial situations they are dealing with. We can find a plan that works with your budget and that covers you well. Just check with us and use the site to find a list of quotes and plans that are being offered in your area.

list of medicare advantage plans

List of Medicare Advantage Plans





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